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Custom apparel

Custom Apparel

Techi Apparel can revitalise your wardrobe / workforce attire with our "Custom Apparel" service. You can pick the:

  • Sizes
  • Colours (any fabric pantone colour)
  • Design
Then we do everything else! It's that simple. To get started:
  1. Email with your request. Let us know the design, sizes and colours. We will respond within two business days.
  2. We will respond with a mock up, price quote (excluding shipping and handling as this is variable) and some further information on next steps. If you're happy with the design and quote, you would respond to the email with a shipping address and approval to go ahead and create one sample in at least 2 different sizes.
  3. About 2 weeks after sample approval (pending no shipping/handling delays), you will receive your samples for inspection. We'll work with you on any quality concerns or design changes you have. If you're unhappy, we'd repeat step two. If you are happy, you would email us with approval to initiate the bulk order. At this stage we would invoice you for the shipping / handling costs to date and the bulk order. 
  4. About 2 weeks after sample approval (pending no shipping/handling delays) you will receive the bulk order. At this stage we would invoice you for final shipping / handling costs that were not initially invoiced.


We work on a 50 item minimum per colour, per style. End-to-end shipping and handling costs are determined per order and may vary (this includes import/export fees, taxes and shipping port rental for samples and the bulk order).

We will confirm a price quote for your specific requirements once we understand your design and budget. We do our best to be the most competitive priced customer apparel provider out there. All prices include GST.

What makes Techi Apparel different?

We have long term goals of being the most trusted provider of premium quality loungewear. Our products are custom designed in Australia, manufactured overseas, quality checked in Australia, then shipped to you. This process allows us to guarantee premium quality every time. Some further examples of what makes us different are below:

  1. Quality of product and customer service are what we care about. We will attend to your every need extremely fast, while ensuring whatever you buy is top quality.
  2. Value for money is extremely important to us. We focus on making our apparel durable over time and jam packed with useful features. We try to offer sales and discounts to our community members frequently. 
  3. We want to give back to our community. We run give-a-ways, provide discounts and provide cash back opportunities for all members of our community as we grow. 
  4. We want to help those in need. We will be using profits to fund food, water, shelter and clothing programs for those who truly need help.


At Techi, we're big on sustainability. Our plan is to work with Fair Trade Australia to optimise our supply chain and procurement processes to ensure fairness and sustainability. Currently we offer completely compostable and/or recyclable packaging.