About Us | Techi Apparel



The Beginning...

Based out of Victoria in Australia, Techi Apparel was founded through a passion for loungewear. We wanted to create loungewear that would allow you to get through a busy day without changing multiple times. This required a blend of fashion, durability and comfort that hasn't existed until now. Imagine a day containing these things...

  1. Wake up and head to breakfast or the shops
  2. Come home and hit the couch for some TV or reading
  3. Head out to run some errands
  4. Quick gym session
  5. Attend a few work meetings from home

Each one of these may require an outfit change, taking time away from the things that matter, rapidly filling your laundry basket and causing you to buy more clothes than you actually need! To solve this situation, its really important that:

  1. Techi loungewear looks premium, feels premium and is suitable for work (clean, minimalist, comfortable and fitted)
  2. Techi loungewear seamlessly transitions across situations in your day (can be worn to the shops, to the gym, out on a walk, on the couch, on a work call and to a casual dinner)
  3. Techi loungewear is of the highest quality (lasts years without "balling" up or falling apart) 

Our Products.

Each Techi product goes through a rigorous design and development process that takes at least 6 months. This firmly places us in the "slow fashion" category as each product is build to last many, many years. All products are fabric and size quality tested in Australia.

We are striving to find more and more economical ways to provide a sustainable approach to apparel, from manufacturing to retail. It's early days, but we are trying to use the most sustainable materials WITHOUT sacrificing comfort, durability and fit.

What makes Techi Apparel different?

We have long terms goals of being the most trusted provider of premium quality loungewear. Our design and development process allows us to guarantee premium quality every time. Some further examples of what makes us different are below:

  1. Quality of product and customer service are what we care about. We will attend to your every need extremely fast, while ensuring whatever you buy is top quality. Simply contact us at: service@techiapparel.com.au 
  2. Value for money is extremely important to us. We focus on making our apparel durable over time and jam packed with useful features. We have frequent sales to ensure our apparel is accessible. 
  3. We want to give back to our community. We run give-a-ways, provide discounts and provide cash back opportunities for all members of our community as we grow. 
  4. We want to help those in need. We will be using profits to fund food, water, shelter and clothing programs for those who truly need help.


At Techi, we're big on sustainability. Our plan is to work with Fair Trade Australia to optimise our supply chain and procurement processes to ensure fairness and sustainability. Currently we offer compostable and recyclable packaging, while the delivery from us to you is carbon neutral.